Life in the Fishbowl


  1. I’ve just recently moved
  2. I’ve just changed jobs
  3. I haven’t found a suitable place to lay my head (staying at a friends)
  4. I’m a terrible writer, but I’m trying. (don’t nazi my shit)

With that said, I’m finding my days shortened and my time to myself almost non-existent.  Like most, I spend my days hanging out on the web. Twitch, Twitter, Youtube, Imgur, Reddit, It’s a life in itself really, hours of wondering around and exchanging opinions with strangers.  You find a certain comfort and even value in listening to a stranger pick apart your personality. It’s not like you have anything to lose. You shut the door when you want. Is it a huge waste of time? Probably.  I’m not judging

The gamble of feeling connected is the kind of gamble anyone can afford to take , after all, there is no losing, just the next step in finding your place. Personally, I’d rather sit around at a local bar and talk to people in the real world, but sitting at a bar, solo, milling over a beer, isn’t very inviting. It’s not that I couldn’t do that, it’s that my reach online is just so much more broad. I can talk with 100’s of people at the click of a button. I blame the  efficiency of it all.

The talks I have online are all over the place. From guessing ages of people to the culture of our society when told “NO”.  It’s always something new and mind boggling. There’s always someone new to talk with. Fresh faces and fresh ideas every hour, every day.

There is no downside to meeting these people. Solid fucking connections. People that I love as brothers and sisters. People that, if I didn’t know them, I wouldn’t be where I am in life. Are you making these kind of friends/connections?  Get out there and meet people. Internet or not, you’re missing golden chances to meet someone that know that feel when you kill a boss in Dark Souls, or when you finish that crochet hat that also doubles as a fake ass beard. There are people out there, floating around with the qualities you need in your life. I promise.


Anyways. This fishbowl I’m in isn’t bad. It’s a good thing, in moderation. I need more outlets. More ways to stay balanced in life.

Thanks for reading. Be safe.


Questions to you.

Have you made connections that matter, either real world, or internet?

What balances your world?







Add yours →

  1. 2015 is when I finally tipped over my reasonable friend quotient. I’m fond of more people than I have time to hang out with. It’s a nice problem to have, but I do wish I had 36 hour days to really connect with more of the people I like.


  2. Jonathan/Kiddsforever June 12, 2016 — 4:16 pm

    I try to balance my RL with net life a lot more than I used to. It is more complicated then some may think. I have though met some amazing people from my time online and even streamers. I will be going to Paris this year and hanging out with them so some relationships/friendships can easily become real but moderation and knowing what is real and not is key.


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