Puzzling Pieces

I got some feedback(thanks guys and gals) from last nights post.


Mostly, “I’m an asshole so I can’t meet people on the internet or otherwise.”

News flash!  I, Ross Steck, happen to also be an asshole!

Lets talk about this for a bit.  Just “because you’re an asshole” doesn’t discount you from talking to the entire human race. As an asshole you have to pick your battles.. carefully.  I find that sarcasm and snide comments are fairly common these days.  In fact, my good friend and I rarely open our mouths to say anything positive about each other. It’s weird but people that truly care about each other usually eat the most shit from that person.  It’s how relaxed we are. How in tune we are with the huge amounts of BS flying our way from the same direction time after time.

Finding the right things to say to people usually ends up being the hard part. Finding common ground. It’s like a puzzle at first, you have to find the pieces to progress. Meet friends?= 100 piece blue sky puzzle that you enjoy. Meet GF/BF?= 500 piece puzzle of the city (night sky ofco) trying to pry what your significant other wants to eat on a week night is the shit storm of puzzles. 10000 piece pure white… the pieces are actually snowflakes and the puzzle is 1 big snowflake… ok you get it. (pick a damn place and LETS EAT. SHIT.)


If you can deal with your owns issues of being an asshole long enough you’ll find that dealing with people becomes much easier.  I’m not saying put on a show, just refrain from calling everyone you see a fat cow once in a while. It goes a long way.

People, in most cases, just want that connection. “Hey you know about that movie on netflix, YEA.” “Bro lets go flex at the gym…” “bruh I thought you’d never ask.”

It’s not all fun and games. I fuck up constantly with this. A few nights ago, someone thought I called them old due to the way I stated my thoughts. So I lost a connection due to the way I brought up a compliment. It just took too long to get to the point. I failed and suffered for it.

This ended up being a huge fucking rant. I think there’s still some value here for people that read the whole thing.

If you can’t live with yourself, don’t expect people to deal with your horseshit. Find common ground. Be nice, and smile.  This really isn’t groundbreaking advice, but you’d be surprised on how many people just can’t talk to strangers anymore.

Thanks for reading, Be safe.


Questions to you:

How do you break the ice when talking with a stranger?

If you think you’re an asshole, what makes you think that? What values define an asshole in your opinion?




Add yours →

  1. I gυeѕѕ ιт all dependѕ on тнe тype oғ vιвeѕ I aм pιcĸιng υp. Tнoυgн ѕтarтιng υp a cυrrenт мυтυal convo ιѕ тнe eaѕιeѕт. Wнaт ιѕ нappenιng ιn тнe ιммedιaтe ѕυrroυndιngѕ. Iт alѕo dependѕ ιғ тнey are мale or ғeмale. Marrιed or noт. Unleѕѕ yoυ are ιn a cнιll locaтιon, people are υѕυally ѕo caυgнт υp ιn тнeιr daιly вѕ тo even acĸnowledge yoυ тryιng тo engage ιn converѕaтιon. Unleѕѕ oғ coυrѕe тнere ιѕ even тнe ѕlιgнтeѕт poѕѕιвιlιтy oғ geттιng laιd. I aм generally nιce тo everyone I coмe ιnтo conтacт wιтн, мayвe noт aѕ ιnvιтιng тнoυgн. Doeѕ тнaт qυalιғy мe aѕ an aѕѕнole? I don’т тнιnĸ ѕo. I aм reѕpecтғυl, вυт very pιcĸy on wнo I allow ιnтo мy lιғe. I love мy ѕarcaѕтιc and ѕnιde ѕιde, aѕ мυcн aѕ мy cloѕe ғrιendѕ do. Bυт people wнo нave no reѕpecт ғor anyone elѕe, ѕυcн aѕ a narcιѕѕιѕт, ιѕ нow I claѕѕιғy ιғ ѕoмeone ιѕ an “aѕѕнole”.

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  2. Normally I don’t bother trying to talk to someone new. I really don’t care much for the whole “making new friends” ordeal. However when the time comes for me to deal with that sort of situation I tend to lean on my comedy. I really have some outrageous stories about personal failures that people find enjoyable. My normally foul mouth and awkwardly descriptive analogies often throw people for a loop. Shock comedy still has value. If all of this fails I tend to fall into a bumbling idiot speech and hope people find me charismatic enough to let it slide. I do recognize what you mean though, maybe instead of all of my work put into distracting them with an entertaining character maybe a simple, “Hi my name is (blank). You (compliment) today.” might work just as well.

    What makes me an asshole is basically the same traits people find me to be funny. When the time comes to no longer give any fucks, which usually happens quickly, I wont pull any punches. No sense of remorse will come across my mind when I mock the fact that your dad left you to start a family in a new state, all while actually living just two counties over because he wanted nothing to do with you. My creative imagination is a tool for both good and evil.

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  3. People say I have resting bitch face but I’m actually really nice. A lot of the things I say people think I’m joking or the comes off like I’m a jerk.. I don’t get it! Sooo.. I just don’t say anything cuz apparently I don’t know how to talk. Maybe it’s the other people who are dumb, but I won’t judge.

    Anyway, I notice you “talk shit” but you are right, it just shows a level of comfort. Knowing what I know about you now, it’d be weird if you were 100% pc or nice. Kinda like that time Fang was nice all day..

    Now I’m rambling….

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  4. These blog posts are really good. I’d prefer if they were longer, that way I could print up three sheets instead of just two and really get some cleaning work done when I’m finishing up on the can. TIA, your friend, Jim.


  5. Lol … People actually responded to this shit … Total JK … Ross, if I’m not mistaken you and I met in jail … Yes? I digress … I do remember you being a smart-ass … Emphasis on smart. Witty … Intelligent insight … Keep writing my friend & I’ll keep reading!


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