Listening to your memories

This chat isn’t easy for me. Mainly, because I have to admit at some point that if the music is good in a movie, or game, or any medium really…. there’s a chance I’ll tear up.

YES, I’LL CRY. worse shit has been said. I promise.

Music, to me, is the tip top of the mediums when it comes to stimulus. It can control my brain and warp my thoughts. It can mold objects and lay the groundwork for some serious soul finding shit.

This being said. I think it’s healthy. Music can take you back in time. TO any moment it wants. a break up? marriage? the first time you heard a live show. The fact that it take take you from point A to B in the time it takes you to remember the name of the tune is remarkable.

I really wanted to talk about this mainly because it’s so random when music can hit you.

Specific moments, almost random.

The raw emotion that is stirs is almost magical. It can help you think, it can help you forget. So potent it could almost be called a drug.  Use it as you will.

I’d like to call myself a pretty tough individual, in the sense that, normally, I wouldn’t cry for anything.  However, with the right moment and sounds I’ve teared up on cartoons before. No shit (mostly Anime, cuz feels). I don’t judge, nor will i ever in this case. I love my music. It keeps me balanced. Drives me in my day-to-day.  So yea.. I cry when the music is right.


Thanks for reading. Be safe

Question to you:

I want to know your triggers when it comes to music. Places? people? events?  (Also lets hear the type of music as I’m sure it’s different in every case)


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