The After PAX “thing”

This one is for my game industry friens!

Pocket full of business cards, right?  Hopefully you’ve dished out yours as well.

These aren’t to be thrown away! For those of you that are networking the key to that is making meaningful connections.  The more people that remember you after the fact, the better….

For every card you get, email that person and connect. Let them know who you are and what you’re about. Try to remember stuff you talked about to jog the memory for the person receiving.  This can be a game changer.  EVERY CARD YOU GET. DO IT. NO FUCKING QUESTIONS!

It’s one of the best things you can do for your network.  I’ve been told that 2 “touches” give you a better chance of being remembered.

This should be the first thing you do when getting back from PAX… other than washing the filth from your casual-ass clothing.

Make sure to hit them up on their social media pref. afterwards to seal the deal.

It’s not so much about selling yourself. It’s about making that connection. People just want to hang out with other like minded “cool” people. Your end goal is to def make a frien.

Love you nerds ❤

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